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2-6-4 Tank Locomotive No10 order No. 9373 works No 4719 supplied in 1905

pdf Drawing of 2-6-4 tank locomotive

Order No. 7943 was the first order from Malta Railways for a metre gauge 2-6-4 tank engine works progressive No. 3678 supplied in 1895. Three further orders followed for 2-6-4 tank engines to a similar design as the first engine: order No 8071 WP No. 3852, order No 8531 WP No. 4163 and finally order No. 9373 WP No. 4719. The first engine cost £1740 and the last £1979. The engines were numbered No. 7 - 10.

The driving wheel were 3' 31/8" in dia.and the external cylinder 14.5" dia x 20" stroke with a boiler pressure 150 psi. All the engines were the same except the last which had a cylinder stroke of 18"

Locomotive weight full: 35 tons 11 cwt 0 qrts. Empty: 27 tons 11 cwt 1 qrts
Heating surfaces: Tubes 641 sq ft. Firebox 57.5 sq ft. Total 698.7 sq ft.

The order book lists " One 12 wheeled Double Bogie Tank Engine 2-6-4T order No 7943 works progressive No 3678 to be similar to order No 7655 WP 3531 & 3532 October 27 1892 for two engines for the Minas & Rio Railway, Brazil, with certain alterations to Cylinders & Coupled wheels. The Cowcatcher & Steam sanding not wanted.

The Malta Railway closed in 1931. Attempts to sell the engines did not find any buyers and the engine were sold for scrap in 1932/3 to Italy.

Metre Gauge about 7 miles of line, which may be extended to 14.
Sharpest curve 10 chains rad's. Heaviest grade 1in 40 for about 1.5 miles.
Flat bottom rails 39 lbs per yd. 2' 9" between sleepers
Tunnels 13' wide x 12 ft high from rail, cuttings 13' wide.
Engine to haul 150 tons at an average of 25 miles an hour.
Tanks to hold 1000 gallons of water for a double journey. Fuel Welsh coal.

Information taken from the General Dimensions of Engines in Service Book now held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.