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Tudela & Bilbao Railway


2-4-0 Tender Locomotive No 7 "Tudela" order No. 621 works No 273 supplied in 1862

pdf Drawing of 2-4-0 tender order No. 621

Order No. 621 was the first order from this railway for forty one 5'-5.75" gauge 2-4-0 tender locomotives works progressive Nos. 273 - 313 supplied in 1862-3 for mixed train use. This order for fortyone locomotives was one of the largest orders received by Beyer Peacock. The stock was withdrawn from service from 1924 - 1933.

The driving wheels were 5'-0" in diameter and the outside cylinders 16" dia x 24" stroke.

The next order, order No. 626, works progressive Nos. 314 -321, was for eight 4-4-0 tank engines again with 5'-0" in diameter driving wheels and 16" dia x 24" stroke outside cylinders. Many later Beyer Peacock engines were derivatives of this design, evolved by BP's H.L.Lange in collaboration with Thomas Hunt who was Locomotive Superintendent for the Tudela & Bilbao Railway.

From the second order No 29 "Izurra" works progressive No. 316 is the only surviving engine and stands preserved at Bilbao Abando Station.

Information provided by Joe Lloyd